I have been a writer within various realms for over four decades in prose and occasionally poetry. As of late have been expressing my views on life through the medium of theatrical and feature film scripts. Below find some short descriptions of my more recent works listed below:




Road Warriors – What happens when a group of pre-adolecent boys get carried too far with movie and games based fantasies?
Columbarium (The Trap) – An modern existential Gothic horror tale set in a famous ancient cemetery in Chicago.
Phobos – An expedition to Mars is sidetracked with the discovery of other alien space explorers.
DateMe – Another short situation based interactions of characters seeking love online.
Winner Take All – A thirty-second Frito’s ad..
Mall Babies – A quick look at the current adolescent dating scene with a twist.
Foolers – A short situation based interactions of characters seeking love online.
Far Offered Horizons – A young Chicago street kid from the 1930’s comes of age overseas serving in China.
Safety Of The Poorman – A blue collar drama of mistaken allegiances where the unexpected intervention of kindness transforms the usual most expected outcome.
Helium Hobos – A contemporary detective action tale with an oddball technological twist.
An Unpromising Dilemma – An older man and younger woman engage in an unlikely personal struggle that leaves both changed.
Schnitt, Der Bildwerfer – An old American ex-patriot plays the dupe in a game of modern international intrigue.
Valkyrie – A historically based tale of innocence and tragedy set again the final unpublicized events following WW2.





Customers and Characters – A one-act theatrical based examination of the life of a 1960’s era salesman.
Pharaoh, Six Of One – A young man makes a life transition finding himself after the death of his father.
Apollo, The Fall OF The Flesh – An older man in the midst of a mid-life crisis is beset by sirens.