Anonymous Berlin & Redux

Over the years, Scott Becker has produced many different short duration streaming presentations in conventional and computer mediums. The following selections are taken from this formative period.

Anonymous Berlin 2003 – 2009

In 2003, Scott Becker was invited to Berlin to show his own eclectic imagery as part of an international exhibition. His first impressions inspired him to imagine a hybrid sense of storytelling that would combine still visuals and computer animations with text based commentaries. Created as a precursor of what was originally to be a feature length presentation, he created a brief trailer. The production of “Anonymous Berlin” was envisioned as being at least an hour in length but due to financial pressures it only achieved fifteen minutes. Five years later, this expansive project once again failed to make its mark and imagery from a purely CGI production were recomposed into another brief trailer, the “Deutsche Wochenschau”.

Anonymous Berlin - [trailer] Anonymous Berlin - Final Die Deutsche Weltenschau