Legacy Computer Interactives

Streaming media based captures of former online interactive presentations originally hosted upon both Internet in the late 1990’s and on disk based media that have long disappeared due to the evolution of system software. Many of these works were featured in a variety of multimedia based exhibitions and festivals both overseas and domestically during the nineteen-nineties as well as the first part of the first decade of the current century. They reflect various cultural and political based themes of different cultures and world events.

Click to watch, “The Australian Interactive – Computer Interactive” – (R.T. 30:57:00) from the scott becker site.

The Australian Interactive was created in Melbourne Australia in 1995 on a six month sabbatical having been inspired by the lack of actual 3D based works on display at the National Gallery in Canberra. Symbols more inclusive of the Australian experience were recombined is a viewer controlled interactive environment.

Verdun located in the northeast portion of France was a place that I made it a point to visit when I was visiting the festival of Troyes where another of my computer interactive works was being exhibited. The imagery was based upon the different myths about the battle that were related when touring the site. The major environments portrayed were Fort Douaumont and the town of Verdun.

Verdun from scott becker on Vimeo.

Click to watch, “Verdun – Computer Interactive” – (R.T. 00:04:28) from the scott becker site.

This was originally a CD-R length interactive that was created in 1996 by Scott Becker. It won the Grand Prix of Troyes Pixels festival in that year in the northwest province of Champagne in France. The scenario is a classic descent into the inner realm of persistent ennui and the polarities that those time presented generally to the world.

Catacombs Of The Minds from scott becker on Vimeo.

Click to watch, “Catacombs OF The Mind – Computer Interactive” – (R.T. 00:54:14) from the scott becker Vimeo site.