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Some forty plus years of visual communications experience in a variety
of visual mediums have allowed me to amass and otter a wide variety
of service to offer you on your next project that include:

  • Conventional graphic arts design for print projects.
    • Photoshop Image services
    • Logos & Identity
    • Book Publishing
  • Websites design.
    • Front End Graphics
    • CSS script
    • WordPress
  • Videography, and post-production effects in 2d/3D.
    • Pre-Production Development [screenplay]
    • Video Editing
    • Motion Graphics
    • Match Moving
    • Post Production Composition
  • 3D virtual environment and object creation.
    • Architectural Models and Virtual Sets
    • 3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation
    • Games Levels
    • 3D Print Design
  • Photo-illustration.
    • Editorial
    • Architectural
    • Tabletop

Services offered on an hourly basis or by job estimate based contract price. Many
examples of these types of services are posted within the different sections of this
website. Feel free to browse through and view the selections in each category.
You can contact me directly by phone, text, or email to inquire about further details.



Scott Becker
“as artist”
312 480-7442

Please submit your inquiries below!