A Little History

Somehow as a child, I always knew that I would work in the arts. My schooling in college was as a print maker but this quickly shifted around to suit the market into an editorial art director of a science fiction movie magazine that covered both the revival of classic films as well as significant others that were coming out at the end of the nineteen-seventies. I traveled to both coasts arranging the coverage of movie premieres and setting up interviews learning my trade as I went along.


As with all things in business, in a short time I moved on to offering these same services to the production of other publications located in the Midwest at the time. Though less glamorous then covering Hollywood it helped establish my reputation as a publications based art director. I eventually moved to Los Angeles working for more prestigious organizations like Bon Apetit magazine.


The beginning of the nineteen-eighties saw many changes including the end of my roving publications career hoping over the fence into the official role of editorial photographer for a small Midwestern based media company. Soon after being tasked with learning the in’s and outs of media production as it related to story boarding and AB based video editing for a variety of genres.


My abilities and ambitions brought me to branch out on my own in association with my families specialty advertising company where I worked with regional industrial and food distributing companies to offer complete photographic to print services.


The transformation of conventional print graphics into a computer based enterprise found me making an early transition to working exclusively with the personal computer to produce client based projects.


The opportunity to combine both commercial experience and offer a type of imagery that followed a more aesthetic line of personal imagery soon found my work commissioned by periodicals and appearing in digital media based exhibitions.


The development of interactive online mediums soon captured my interest and I began producing a variety of computer interactive productions for both websites and disk.


The beginning of the twenty-first century saw a shift in emphasis from strictly 2D imagery to 3D based feature film based VFX topics as well as an entry to teaching these same subjects at a college level.